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Bachmaier-Klemmer expands PV plant and invests in green energy

The company Bachmaier-Klemmer once again sets a clear signal for its commitment to sustainable energy supply.

With a significant investment in the expansion of the photovoltaic (PV) plant, a new combined heat and power (CHP) unit, and a large battery storage system, the enterprise is decisively moving towards self-generation of electricity.

The expansion of the PV plant will substantially increase Bachmaier-Klemmer's capacity for green electricity production. The new CHP unit will bring additional efficiency by generating heat and electricity simultaneously, while the battery storage enhances the flexibility and reliability of the entire system.

"Our goal is to produce up to 80% of our electricity needs ourselves," says Managing Director Engelbert Sellmaier. "With this investment, we aim not only to reduce our operational costs but also to further improve our environmental footprint. It is a step that brings us closer to a sustainable energy future."

The significance of such investments for companies like Bachmaier-Klemmer extends beyond their own operational costs. Increased use of renewable energies significantly contributes to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigates the impact of energy crises on the economy.

"We are aware that this measure alone will not save the world," says Sellmaier. "But we are firmly convinced that we must do our part in protecting the environment. Only by consistently switching to sustainable energy sources can we meet the long-term challenges of climate change and energy supply."

The expansion of the PV plant and investments in green energy technologies underscore Bachmaier-Klemmer's commitment to future-proof, environmentally conscious business practices and mark another step towards a more sustainable future

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