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Precision mechanics from Bachmaier und Klemmer

We stand for quality, precision and reliability.

These have been our company’s values for almost 70 years. It all began with the production of cuckoo clocks. Today we deliver highly specialized precision engineering for measurement and control technology to over 40 countries.

In accordance with our high standards, we process the materials entirely in Germany and apply the label “Made in Germany.” For standard items as well as customer specific productions, we are always flexible and offer an optimal solution. Customers can place orders, even for a single item.

Our portfolio includes Bourdon-tubes, coiled tubes and and transmission movements for pressure, temperature and flow (thermometer-, pressure gauge movements), as well as equipment for measurement and control technology. We are certified according to ISO 9001.

Bourdon tubes

Quality, Precision and Reliability.

We respond to every customer request and already have over 7.000 different Bourdon tubes from 0.6 to 60 bar / 9 to 900 psi. To be able to deliver our customer orders quickly and on short notice, we have over 400 different raw material tubes manufactured specifically for us in stock.

Coiled tubes

Quality, Precision und Reliability.

We strive to fill every customer request and already have over 2,000 different coiled tubes from 60 bar to 4,000 bar / 900 psi to 58.000 psi. In order to respond to our customers’ orders quickly and on short notice, we have over 200 raw material tubes produced specifically for us
in stock.


Quality, Precision und Reliability.

We offer movements for nearly every assembly situation. We produce nearly all the individual parts in-house, which means high flexibility. We obtain about 2,200 different movements from our partner Engelbert Sellmaier Feinwerktechnik GmbH. This company is involved in our group of

Your contentedness is important to us!

This is how we define SERVICE.

Our powerful team, our decades of experience and our know-how are the basis of our success. We are always available to support our national and international customers for technical matter or application issues.

Every one of our customers has a personal in-house point of contact. On-time delivery and keeping deadlines are a matter of course, as is quick reaction time and immediate handling of requests.


We support local young sports talents

The junior biathlete Iva Moric achieved the excellent silver medal in the relay at the 2022 Youth and Junior World Championships in the USA. To facilitate her future trips to training facilities and competitions, our company, represented by Mr. Robert Rank, sponsored a vehicle on a proportionately. We are happy to be able to support Iva Moric and wish her a good and safe journey at all times and continued success at the competitions.

Bischofswiesen, June 2023



Our company headquarters are located on the outskirts of the Berchtesgaden National Park and in the UNESCO Biosphere Region “Berchtesgadener Land.” This is an environmentally highly sensitive Alpine area; all the more reason that we feel obligated to minimize our company’s environmental impact.

We invest in energy efficiency and pay attention to using as few raw materials as necessary. We operate our own thermal power station. All the neon lights in the facility have been replaced with LEDs. In 2017 we conducted our first energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1.

Since 2020 we have been participating in a very extensive sustainability project “Responsible Business” from the Berchtesgadener Land Wirtschaftsservice. In this project, the human, nature & environment, region & economy field of activity is analyzed in detail and optimization potential is sought.

Since 2021 we are only buying 100% green electricity.