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BACHMAIER & KLEMMER - a short introduction


Since the late 1950´s BACHMAIER & KLEMMER concentrated on the manufacturing and distribution of high precision components for the pressure gauge industries and is now in a position to offer the worlds most comprehensive range of products used in the manufacturing of pressure and temperature measuring instruments (trust us, this is not an exaggeration).

Goods are supplied to more than 40 countries worldwide, many of the leading manufacturers of pressure / temperature gauges are our customers, some have been for decades.

Despite the excellent quality of our articles BACHMAIER & KLEMMER permanently strives to improve. Since 1995 BACHMAIER & KLEMMER is certified under ISO, we stay devoted to maximum quality.

It is not only the quality of the product we care for, service and communication are other important aspects in our strategical planning.

This website was designed to keep our esteemed customers updated on new B&K projects and to give basic information to those who might be interested in our products / activities in the future.

We are positive that you will find the following pages of interest.
Thank you for visiting the BACHMAIER & KLEMMER website. Looking forward to receiving your comments.

Engelbert Sellmaier